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Feb. 13th, 2032 @ 09:48 pm Current WIPs (aka, the To-Do List)
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I call these WIPs, but technically, they're ideas I'm working through. I try not to have more than one project actually IN PROGRESS at a time.


The Two Doctors: Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover universe
  • "Mayhem in Mayfair" - A new case for Sherlock and John, involving some strange happenings in a posh corner of London. The boys are contacted by a Doctor Martha Jones of UNIT because she needs their help. (in progress - 300 words)
  • "The Third Doctor" - Donna and her new travels with the Doctor and the Ponds. Someone has got a bounty on Time Lords, and the TARDIS team needs to find out who. (planning stages)
  • "Texting and Scones" - Donna texts John while on her travels. (planning stages)
  • "The Short, Sad Life of Ms. Harriet Watson" (tentative title) - How Harriet wound up where she is today (planning stages)
  • "You Are Not Alone" (tentative title) - Post-Reichenbach, in THIS universe (planning stages)

Defence Mechanisms: Sherlock, explicit
  • "Introjection" - in·tro·jec·tion [in-truh-jek-shuhn] n. Psychoanalysis. a mental mechanism in which the standards and values of other persons or groups are unconsciously and symbolically taken within oneself. (planning stages)
  • "Displaced" (tentative title) - related to "Displacement", possibly a drabble, possibly more. Maggie’s POV on things. (planning stages)
  • "Regression" - re·gres·sion [ri-gresh-uhn] n. Psychology. Reversion to an earlier or less mature pattern of feeling or behavior. (planning stages)</p>



  • "The Holmes Contingency" - Sherlock/Criminal Minds - The Holmes contingency: CIA and FBI jargon for the need to plan for a persistent and recurrent problem. Origin unknown. With ardatli (planning stages)

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