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Feb. 29th, 2012 @ 09:27 pm WIP Snippets: "Displacement" and "Sublimation"
Bits of writing that made me happy today.

He rolls back on to his back with a huff of frustration, tugging the coverlet over his chest. This can't be healthy. He's a doctor for fuck's sake. He did a clinical rotation in psychiatry. It's textbook, what he's doing. The only question is why. His sexual experience with men has been pretty much limited to typical adolescent horseplay—and well, things sometimes happen when you're stationed far from home, and it's not like anybody in his squadron was taking it seriously. It's never been anything he's thought about otherwise. Men don't do it for him. Except.

Except one does. And John has no idea what to do with that, how to process it, aside from finding a woman who looks just like him and fucking her like a madman. This is not, he is fairly certain, a sustainable state of affairs.

Normally he could read tension in a room like a book--who the main characters were, how the story would end--but this was written in a language he had never bothered to learn.

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